Clean your CSS

Real-world unused CSS detection

Find and automatically remove unused CSS weighing down your site.

Real unused CSS detection

Monitor the CSS used on your Web Applications. BleachCSS listen to real user actions to find unused selectors.

Improve loading time

Less is more! Removing unused CSS makes your site load faster.

Improve your code quality!

Over time, the CSS for large websites tends to become "append-only". Because it's too tedious and risky to find unused portions, developers won't ever clean up old CSS. BleachCSS detects selectors that are actually unused, and helps remove them from your code.

Quick setup

  • Create a project using your site's URL
  • Add our JavaScript snippet
  • (Optionally) Link your Github repo to set up automatic CSS cleanup Pull Requests

Out of the way

By interacting only with your deployed application, BleachCSS keeps your build process unchanged.

Keeps you in control

BleachCSS creates small pull requests so you can control what is being removed and when it will be applied to your codebase.